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The Hospital has a unitary board of directors comprising a Non-Executive Chairman, 1 Executive Director and 5 Non-Executive Directors and. Drawing on their skills and business acumen, the non-executive directors ensure impartial and objective viewpoints in the decision making process and standards of conduct. Composition of the board ensures a balanced mix of technical, entrepreneurial and business skills.

The Board meets at least 3 times a year. Adequate and efficient communication and monitoring systems are in place to ensure that the Directors receive all relevant, accurate information to guide them in making necessary strategic decisions, and providing effective leadership, control and strategic direction over the company’s operations, and in ensuring that the company fully complies with relevant legal, ethical and regulatory requirements.

The roles of the Chairman and Medical Director vest in two people. Mr. Gibson Ngalamila is the non-executive Chairman of the Hospital and Prof. Jack Wirima serves in the role of Medical Director.

Board and Management Committees

The Main Board

G Ngalamila – Chairman
J J Wirima – Executive Director
E Malion- Non Executive Director
T Daniel – Non Executive Director
S Chikoti – Non Executive Director
L Sibande – Non Executive Director
W Kaimvi – Non Executive Director

There is one management committee namely the Executive Committee (EXCO) and three other board committees namely:

1. The Finance, Audit and Risk Committee
2. The Human Resources and Administration Committee.
3. The Clinical Services Committee

The EXCO reviews the Hospital’s operational strategy to maintain better service to clients.

The Finance, Audit and Risk Committee (FARC)

The Finance, Audit and Risk Committee assists the board in discharging its duties in relation to financial reporting, asset management, risk management, internal control systems, processes and procedures and monitors the quality of both the external and internal audit functions. The Hospital’s external auditors and internal auditors report to the committee of any risk exposure areas. Where the committee’s monitoring and review activities reveal causes for concern or scope for improvement, it makes recommendations to the board on required remedial actions.

The Finance, Audit and Risk Committee comprise 4 Non-Executive Directors, 1 of whom acts as Chairman. The committee meets at least 4 times a year.

The members of the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee are:

T Daniel – Chairman
L Sibande - Member
U Katunga - Member
E Malion - Member

The Human Resources and Administration Committee (HRAC)

The Human Resources and Administration Committee approves appointments of key management staff and recommends to the Board, senior management remuneration. The committee also approves overall human resource and remuneration policies and strategies.

The Appointments and Remuneration Committee meets twice a year and comprises the following members:

L Sibande - Chairman
C Mwansa - Member
S Chikoti – Member

The Clinical Services Committee (CSC)

The Committee derives its authority from the Board to execute its mandate. The overall objective of the CSC is to oversee all clinical matters and make appropriate recommendations for Board’s approval.

The Committee comprises two Directors and four members who are co-opted from the general public.

The Clinical Services Committee comprises the following members:

S Chikoti - Chairman
F Nhlane - Member
T Daniel - Member
M Mvundula – Member
A Gani - Member
P Mawaya - Member

Ethical Standards

The Board is fully committed to ensuring the Hospital’s affairs are conducted with integrity and that the highest ethical standards are maintained. All employees of the Hospital are required to abide by a code of conduct containing detailed guidelines governing ethics and integrity in the workplace.