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Our online Doctor Directory can help you locate a doctor in a variety of specialties.  Use any of the search fields to find a doctor by their specialty or if you are looking for a specific doctor, enter in their first or last name to find their listing.

In Country Specialists

Accident & Emergency Registrars

Dr. S Chiumia

Dr. P Jiyani

Dr. S Kalengo

Dr. V.R Mwandiambira

Anesthetist Assistant

Mr. J Gawanika

Mr. K Kapatuka


Mrs M Maliro

Mrs C Supedi

General Surgery

Dr. E Borgstein


Dr. F Taulo

Hematology & Oncology

Dr. B Chosamata

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. B Makanani

Orthopedic Surgery

Pro N C Mkandawire


Dr. Y Chimalizeni

Dr. K Kawaza

Dr. M Mallewa

Pro M Mbvundula

Dr. A Phiri


Dr. M Chaponda

Pro J Kumwenda

Dr. T Mwalukomo

Dr. H Mwandumba

Pro J J Wirima

Plastic Surgery

Dr .D Kumiponjera


Dr. F Kauye

Psychologist (Clinical)

Dr. C Bandawe

Thoracic Surgery

Dr. W Mulwafu

Visiting Specialists


Dr. A Becker


Dr. D Mutangadura

Dr. K Sevior


Dr. E Meyer

Dr. G Msukwa


Dr. M Dhanjee

Accident and Emergency Registrars

Accident & Emergency Registrars

Dr. S Chiumia

Dr. P Jiyani

Dr.S Kalengo

Dr. V. R. Mwandiambira

General Practitioner

Dr. C Banda

Doctors based at Mwaiwathu Old Wing

Family Medicine

Dr. M Mollina

General Dentistry

Dr. G Ligomeka


Dr. S Kamiza


Dr. G Msukwa