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Address: Old Chileka Road, P.O Box 3067, Blantyre, Malawi

Phone Numbers: +265 1 686 946/947/948/949 Fax Number: +265 1 686 945

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Mwaiwathu Private Hospital recognises the unique and valuable contributions made by each of our staff members. We celebrate our teamwork. Recognize our strengths and accomplishments. Treat each other with respect. And support each other's growth.

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Position: Management Accountant (Grade M3)

Scope: An integral position within Finance Department whose key role by the successful candidate will be to analyze financial information and implement effective strategies to enhance overall business performance.

Date Posted: January 30 2019

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Position: Marketing & Communications Manager (Grade M3)

Scope: The Hospital requires the services of a person to be responsible for leading, planning and executing the marketing and external communication strategy of the hospital.

Date Posted: January 30 2019

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