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Address: Old Chileka Road, P.O Box 3067, Blantyre, Malawi

Phone Numbers: +265 999 97 04 70/999 97 04 71 Fax Number: +265 111 686 945

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The Accident and Emergency (A & E) Department provides a coordinated service for the reception, assessment, management, referral and discharge of patients with acute illnesses, minor injuries and other general illnesses.

 The Department is the prime point of entry to Mwaiwathu Private Hospital and it has efficient and experienced staff - well equipped to deal with medical emergencies. It consists of a reception area, consultation rooms, a minor surgical procedures’ room, a billing office, casualty doctors and nurses waiting area.

Triaging system is followed in the Unit, which reduces the waiting period for patients in critical condition. There is constant explanation to the waiting patients of why some patients appear to be jumping the queue.

The Department continuously carries out in-house medical drills and training in Basic and Advanced Life-Saving procedures. This makes the staff alert to clinical changes in a patient, making them quick to act.


The A & E staff includes fulltime Casualty Doctors, a Unit Manager, highly qualified nurses, and other support staff.All emergencies – medical/paediatric/orthopaedic/maternity etc are adequately managed.