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Address: Old Chileka Road, P.O Box 3067, Blantyre, Malawi

Phone Numbers: +265 999 97 04 70/999 97 04 71 Fax Number:+265 111 686 945

Statement and Response on Disaster Preparedness for Corona Virus Infection

The Government of Malawi has declared COVID-19 a disaster that requires proper preparedness and planning. It is in this regard that we activate our emergency response as follows: Effective Monday, 23rd March 2020, the following precautionary measures shall take effect:

  1. Entry point to the Hospital Complex shall only be through the front Main Entrance.
  2. Everyone shall be subjected to a verbal screening test before entering the Hospital Complex.
  3. You shall be instructed to wash hands at designated areas before and after entering the Hospital Complex.
  4. You shall be requested to fill in a screening questionnaire at the reception areas in Out Patient Department and Accident and Emergency which shall be presented to the receptionist for evaluation before seeing your nurse/doctor.
  5. We shall strictly impose a one guardian policy at the Out Patient Department (OPD) and Casualty Departments.
  6. We shall maintain a no guardian policy in the wards except in very special circumstances.
  7. In-patient visitations shall be suspended until further notice.
  8. Children below 12 years of age shall be prohibited entry into the Hospital Complex unless they are seeking consultation.
  9. Regular scheduled health care appointments and emergency health care services shall remain open 24 hours.
  10. Protective masks will be used by hospital staff in strategic positions and patients may be given masks as well for their use.
  11. Should you suspect that you have symptoms of Corona virus infection and you are seeking care, please call us from your home on 01 686 946/099 9 970 470 or the Blantyre District Health Coordinating Officer on 088 8 871 007 rather than coming into the hospital.
Community members are encouraged to practice good hand hygiene, avoid touching their face and mouth. Cough or sneeze into a tissue that can be thrown away. Stay home if you are not feeling well.

Your Compliance is highly appreciated. Any inconvenience caused is regretted.

21ST MARCH 2020

Welcome to Mwaiwathu Private Hospital

Mwaiwathu is a 64-bed hospital located in Blantyre the southern region of Malawi in Southern Africa. Opened in 1998 it has grown to be Malawi's leading specialist hospital renowned both locally and internationally.

The hospital is accredited by Medical Council of Malawi and is dedicated to continuously improving the quality of Health services available in Malawi. The hospital has highly trained personnel and uses high-tech modern equipment to ensure delivery of greater value service.

Apart from the locally highly trained personnel, Mwaiwathu allows a number of foreign specialists to practice at the hospital on session basis.

Because of our commitment and focus on patient care, Mwaiwathu Hospital has grown to be Malawi's leading specialist hospital, renowned both locally and internationally. Accredited by Medical Council of Malawi, Mwaiwathu management and staff are dedicated to improving the quality of Health services available in Malawi.

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Visiting Hours

Mwaiwathu hospital appreciates the need for our patients to have visitors. Visiting hours are as follows:-

Morning : 6:30 hrs to 7:30 hrs
Afternoon : 12:00 hrs to 13:00 hrs
Evening : 17.30 hrs to 19.:30 hrs


At Mwaiwathu Private Hospital, we seek to become the most trusted provider of health care in the communities we serve.

We hire people who are exceptionally responsive to meet our patients' needs.

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Patients & Visitors

Mwaiwathu Private Hospital provides a comprehensive range of high quality general and specialized health care.

The hospital has state of the art technology backed by a team of highly qualified doctors and motivated nurses to ensure first class service.

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Hospital Newsletter

We are pleased to offer you information regarding our programs and events as well as the latest health news, through our newsletter.

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