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Address: Old Chileka Road, P.O Box 3067, Blantyre, Malawi

Phone Numbers: +265 999 97 04 70/999 97 04 71 Fax Number: +265 111 686 945

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The hospital has the following wards:-

Maternity ward, Surgical ward, Short Stay ward and Medical ward.

The four bedded general rooms share communal bathrooms and toilets while the two bedded private rooms are ensuite.

The following are available for your use and comfort: -

  • A Bible
  • Bathroom amenities such as soap and bath towels are provided on request. (Ask the Nurse In-Charge)
  • Nurse Call Button
  • TV Screen with 6 DSTV Channels – (in private wards only) Remote control to be collected from the nursing station.
  • Locker (we recommend that you do not keep any valuables in the lockers)

Maternity (Mphatso Ward)

This is a 16 bed ward dedicated to maternity services. It is equipped to monitor fetal well being and it attends to antenatal, labour and delivery patients, it has 2 delivery labour rooms three nurseries and two private rooms which are air-conditioned, self contained and have digital satellite television (DStv).

The ward provides a friendly courteous atmosphere which secures safety during the child bearing process and it ensures privacy and dignity to all mothers.

The ward is manned by highly qualified and experienced nurses who work side by side with Gynaecologists / Obstetricians to ensure that all women and unborn babies receive all the necessary medical care and attention to the extent that we do not require guardians. There is ward based real time billing.

In an attempt to improve the bonding between the new born and its parents, the spouse is allowed to be present during delivery. The services offered include caesarian section, epidural and normal deliveries.

The ward boasts of a nurse to patient ratio of 1:4 and adequate support staff to assist with patients care.

Medical/Paediatric (Akuzike Ward)

Akuzike Paediatric is located within the Akuzike Unit. The ward is comprised of 4 beds, Digital Satellite television (DStv), toys, games and books for children of all ages. The Ward is manned by highly qualified and experienced paediatricians, nurses and other support staff around the clock. There is a billing clerk based in the ward for real time billing. The unit observes strict infection control measures that ensure cleanliness and hygiene. Children admitted to this ward are from zero to 13 years. The nurse patient ratio is 1:4.

Surgical (Kabula Ward)

The unit has a total of 24 beds. There are three shared rooms each with four beds where patients are accommodated by gender, two private rooms each with two beds. The private rooms are air conditioned, self contained and have digital satellite televisions (DStv). The day care room has eight beds separated by curtain cubicles.

The unit houses surgical, chemotherapy, short stay theatre cases, observation day medical cases, and also serves as an overflow of patients from the other wards. The ward is run by a unit manager who oversees a team of highly qualified motivated and experienced nurses. A medical doctor covers the ward 24/7. There is a billing clerk based in the ward for real time billing. The hospital observes strict infection control measures that ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

The nurse patient ratio in this ward is 1:4. The ward has support staff to help with patients care.

Dialysis unit

This is a newly opened (July 2010) haemodialysis unit equipped with the latest haemodialysis machines from Fresinius (5008S). We also run a peritoneal dialysis programme.

Intensive Care Unit

This unit is dedicated to management of critically ill patients and recovery of complex emergencies.

It is manned by ICU trained and experienced nurses with specialist doctors all driven by the Hospital motto “To Serve and Save”. The nursing station, situated at the centre of the room, gives a clear view of all beds rendering comprehensive care and monitoring of every patient in the unit.

The unit has 4 beds including 2 isolation rooms with one dedicated for haemodialysis. Strict Hospital infection control measures are adhered to, to prevent infections.

Its state of the art equipment includes mechanical ventilators for invasive and non invasive artificial respiration, haemodialysis, cardiac monitors, ECG machines, Syringe drivers providing top class care for very sick patients of varying illnesses.

The ICU has a nurse patient ratio of 1:1 round the clock and adequate support staff to assist with patients care.

Operating Theatres

There are 2 operating theatres. The theatres have adequate numbers of theatre trained and experienced nurses and support staff.

Both theatres are provided with continuous supply for oxygen, nitrous oxide, high and low pressure air at required flow and pressures.

There is 1 receiving bay which has built in oxygen and vacuum suction machine. Pre and post operative areas which take up to 12 patients are spacious for easy monitoring and management of patients. Also patient shifting system is in place for smooth transfer of patients from trolley to table and visa versa.

Special precautions for infection control are always adhered to.

Regular in-house training on various aspects like use of disinfectants, sterilants, handling equipment, observing universal standard precautions radiation protection measures, waste management and patient management is done by operating theatre personnel.