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Address: Old Chileka Road, P.O Box 3067, Blantyre, Malawi

Phone Numbers: +265 999 97 04 70/999 97 04 71 Fax Number: +265 111 686 945


Guided by its motto To Serve and Save Mwaiwathu pharmacy’s mission is to offer the best and the most reliable pharmacy aided by state of the art technology. With our personalized service, we constantly strive to integrate with the community we serve and treat our clients with respect and dignity. We do accept prescriptions from outside the hospital and we also stock over the counter medications. Our Pharmacy is approved by the Pharmacy Medicines and Poisons Board of Malawi.

The Pharmacy is open 24/ 7 and is manned by highly experienced and qualified staff that provides clients with the best customer care. The pharmacy is well stocked and it offers both branded and generic medications stored under the right conditions.

The Pharmacy also provides the following services: 

  • Counseling services to clients and patients
  • Latest range of Anti Retro Viral medications (ARVs)
  • Medicines for common cancers
  • Wide range of vaccines: rota virus, yellow fever, hepatitis, pneumovax, papilloma virus vaccine (for cancer of the cervix)
  • Anti snake bite (Venom) including the dreaded boom slang
  • Computerized Hospital system helps to identify expired drug items.

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